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This site is dedicated to my past and current work as an arranger and performer of tunes for fingerstyle guitar, specializing in the Scottish and Irish repertoire. These days, I mainly perform with fellow Celtic multi-instrumentalist Randy Clepper, who has put up a much more fully featured webpage describing our work together:

John Sherman & Randy Clepper 

In addition to this site's bio, further information and recorded samples of my work can be obtained at my CDBaby Artist Page and my historical recordings and downloads can be purchased through that site as well. The Calendar is active, and the DADGAD tutorial page is up, with downloadable video of the tune examples contained therein.



I've transcribed over 150 tunes for fingerstyle guitar, most of them Celtic, and mostly in the DADGAD tuning. 55 of these have been collected in two self-published volumes, "So Inclined" and "Far Green Country", which take their names from my two CD releases.

These books can be downloaded as PDF files or ordered as spiral bound volumes from the self -publishing website .


Thanks for your interest-- please check back regularly!

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